Why Organic?


Our Promise

To ensure the highest quality products, Atlantic Mariculture is certified organic by Pro-Cert under the Canada Organic Regime.

Compared to traditional farmed land plants, we have no control over the growing conditions of the wild marine plants that we harvest. However we do have choices about how, when, where and how much we harvest to maintain sustainability as well as how the plants are transported, dried, stored and packaged.

Organic certification ensures that all of our sea vegetables are sustainably harvested, allowing the seaweed beds to regenerate naturally, helping to maintain a delicate balance in the inter-tidal eco-system. Certified Organic means there are no additives to our all-natural products, providing a healthier product that is full of natural flavour and nutrients.

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Certified Organic

…means there are no additives to our all-natural products, providing a healthier product that is full of natural flavour and nutrients.

The organic standard developed by the Canada Organic Regime, address all the areas where unacceptable practices may lead to resource depletion, product contamination, or inferior quality. These standards give clear and uniform direction to all those responsible for harvesting and processing these precious plants.

The end result is a high quality natural, clean product for you.

Our Products

  • Dulse - Leaf

    Our most popular sea vegetable, with a soft, chewy texture, distinctive taste and a rich red colour.

    Enjoy dulse leaf as a snack on its own, or use it in salads and soups. It is even great when fried!

    Available in 40g resealable bags.

  • Sea Lettuce

    Sea Lettuce is the “salad green” of the sea vegetables. It is a leafy, vibrant, dark green with a great flavour and aroma.

    Great when eaten raw, cooking will bring out a slightly bitter taste, so pair it with some complimentary ingredients.

    It is used world wide in soups and is often roasted for garnishes.

    Available in flakes and powder in bulk lots.

  • Roasted Seaweed Flake Blend

    A new addition to our retail-ready line of products. Flakes of Dulse, Nori and Sea Lettuce are lightly roasted to bring out a mild, nutty flavour.

    These flakes are a wonderful substitute for salt in almost any application.

  • Dulse - Milled

    Produced from high quality, select organic Dulse.

    Mix with pasta, sprinkle in a stir fry or try it in a dip.

    Available in flakes, granules, powder and fine powder in bulk lots.

  • Alaria

    Similar to the Wakame (a Japanese seaweed often found in Miso soup) both biologically and nutritionally.

    With it’s black/dark green colour, it has a more wild and delicate taste than cultivated Wakame, and requires a longer cooking time.

    Available in flakes and granules in bulk lots.

  • Nori

    A wild purple/black North Atlantic sea vegetable, also know as Laver, has been enjoyed in the British Isles for centuries.

    Dry roasting brings out a nutty, salty flavour.

    Available in its natural whole leaf form, as well as in flakes and powder in bulk lots.